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One of the most important things you will need to take care of before you start your studies in the United States is finding a place to live. Valencia College does not offer student housing, but there are still plenty of housing options around any of our campuses, including apartments, homestays and hotels. In addition to the resources listed below, Valencia holds annual housing fairs on campus and provides rental information and roommate listings through the Student Development office.

For groups coming to study through the language programs, short-term lodging options are listed in the hotels section of this page.

All online services listed here are privately owned companies and are not associated with Valencia College; the contact is provided here only as information about alternative housing possibilities and any arrangements you choose to make are strictly between you (the student) and the housing company.

Housing Costs and Living Expenses

Find out how much money you should budget for housing and other living expenses while studying at Valencia.

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While driving is the quickest way to get around, Orlando offers additional transportation options.



Renting an apartment is an ideal housing option for long-term studies. Many apartments include utility costs such as water, electric, cable and Internet within the monthly fees and will also take care of maintenance and repairs. There are plenty of apartment complexes near each of Valencia’s campuses, many within walking distance. A web search using a phrase such as “apartments near Valencia College” may help you find apartments and other housing options close to the campus you will be attending. You may also consider using an online service.


Homestays give you the opportunity to live with an American host or family. Their emphasis is on safe, quality and affordable housing with hosts who are pre-screened, interested in cultural exchange and happy to open their home to a student. Students can make arrangements for homestays through one of our housing partners.


Hotels may be a short-term housing solution for students who intend to study through the Intensive English Program for only a few weeks, or for degree-seeking students who need a temporary place to stay until they can find permanent housing.

Students are responsible for making their own hotel reservations. All hotels are run independent of Valencia College. Valencia College acts only as an agent providing information about nearby hotels and accommodations. It is understood and agreed that Valencia College assumes no responsibility for, nor guarantees performance of, and in no event shall be liable for, any loss, damage or claims associated with your stay at these nearby accommodations.

Finding Roommates

Having a roommate can help you adjust to American life by giving you someone to share your experiences with—it’s also a great way to save money on rent. Many of our international students have a family member already living in the Orlando area and choose to stay with them. Others seek out another international student with a similar background, while others may prefer to live with an American.

Just keep a few things in mind when choosing someone to live with:

  • Don’t meet up with potential roommates by yourself—bring a friend and meet in a public place.
  • Choose a roommate who has similar living habits as you. Before moving in together, discuss what you expect out of each other.
  • Avoid money issues—ask your landlord if you and your roommate can have separate leases.

Resources for finding roommates:

  • Valencia’s international Facebook group
  • Roommate listings through the International Student Services office (international students only)
  • Roommate listings through the Student Development office (all students)