Degree Options

Whether you’re planning to transfer to a university or enter directly into a career, Valencia has a degree to get you there.

In the U.S., community colleges offer an affordable alternative to a university. Compared to a Florida university, Valencia College’s tuition is 40% less. Still, the level of education is just the same. Our two-year A.A. degree fulfills the first half of a bachelor’s degree and guarantees transfers to Florida public university. Or, you can start a specialized career after two years of study in one of our A.S. degree programs.

Pathway to a Bachelor's Degree

Whether you are starting with the Intensive English Program or a two-year associate degree, see how Valencia College leads to a bachelor’s degree.




A.A. Degree
  • Two-year degree
  • Fulfills the first two years of a bachelor’s degree
  • Provides guaranteed transfer to one of Florida’s 12 public universities
  • Prepares you to transfer to a university as a junior (third-year student)
  • This is a general studies degree, but you can focus on an area of study by following a degree pathway


A.S. Degree
  • Two-year degree
  • Prepares you to enter a specialized career field
  • May transfer to the B.A.S. (Bachelor of Applied Science) program offered at some universities
  • If the program is “articulated,” it will also transfer to a B.A. or B.S. degree program at Valencia College or a designated university.


B.S. Degree
  • Four-year degree (including time spent earning the associate degree)
  • Prepares you to enter an advanced position within a specialized career field
  • Valencia College offers three baccalaureate degree programs that are available to international students:
    • B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
    • Bachelor of Applied Science in Business and Organizational Leadership (BASBOL)
    • B.S. in Computer Technology and Software Development
  • At Valencia College, students must first complete an associate degree before transferring into a baccalaureate program


A.S. Degree
  • International students must be degree-seeking and therefore can only earn certificates while also enrolled in an A.A. or A.S. degree program
  • Take less than two years to complete
  • Prepare you to enter a specialized career field or upgrade your skills for job advancement
  • Credits earned through a certificate may be applied to a related A.S. degree