What students are saying

Jonty, Australia

Everyday there’s always something going on in the courtyard in front of the main buildings. There’s always a performance or there’s always activities.”

Carla, Venezuela

When I was applying here, everything was so fast and they were very helpful. They were very comprehensive with me.”

Pedro, Venezuela

Right now I am the Intermural Supervisor at Valencia College, Osceola Campus. I schedule all of the sports and recreation activities that we offer here on campus.”

Oluwatobi, Nigeria

The technology is something else—it’s advanced here. Everything is online—your assignments, your homework—everything.”

Shane, Antigua

Currently I’m studying Network Administration. Basically you work on computers, building networks for major companies, helping them maintain their networks.”

Nur, Malaysia

In college, I joined a few groups. I’m in the Valencia International Club, I’m also in the Film Club and I’m in the FLS—the Fearless Leaders Step dance team.”

Sara, Bahrain

One of the things that I like about the East Campus is the tutoring center. It definitely helped me a lot in my classes. They’re there for me anytime that I need them. ”

Sokol, Albania

Because of the degree I want to do, there’s a requirement that you have to do some volunteering work…it’s like you’re paying them with work and they’re paying you with knowledge.”

Michelle, Ecuador

Here, you can choose your own schedule and can make sure you go eat your lunch and take a break for an hour or two and go back and study again.”

Grace, Brazil

I love to live here. Everywhere I go, it’s safe. People are kind, people are willing to help with everything you want. So I’m really loving living here.”

Joye, Bahamas

As a career changer—I was coming from education into hospitality—there was no question that Orlando would be the place for me—there’s Disney World, all the major hotels, so many resorts, everything.”

An, Vietnam

The professor is somebody actually working in the field. So they share with us their experience, how he worked in the hotel, how he managed a lot of the departments in the hotel.”

Piotr, Poland

I was thinking in Polish and translating almost everything from Polish to English. The Intensive English Program taught me how to think in English and be much more fluent.”

Stephanie, Brazil

I’m studying my A.A. right now but my major is biomedical science, so I’m planning to transfer later. Maybe UCF because they offer a good program, and later on pre-med and then medical school.”

Armith, Curaçao

You will not feel left out being here because there’s so much international diversity. Not only inside the college, but outside as well.”